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Re: V8 Questions....

In a message dated 97-06-27 03:39:40 EDT, you write:

<< >You are correct, U.S. cars only.
 Seems one (or both) persons in this discussion don't understand the meaning
 of "former"? ;-)
 Anyway, those numbers are shockingly small to my uninitiated eyes! I would
 imagine that a number of Audi service departments (or personnel) may never
 have encountered a V8. I have an Toyota Camry Alltrac, which probably was
 produced in numbers 100X greater than the Audi V8, yet Toyota service
 managers' eyes would glaze over when I ask any specific Alltrac questions.
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I understand former, but I believe (by Mike's response) he meant the latter.
 You have to remember that both models in question were very limited
production vehicles.  Most Audi dealers only sold a handful of V8Qs, for
instance, especially in the '90 and '91 model years, and hardly any
thereafter.  I used to drool over the  ones that came into our facility
because they were so uncommon, and many were VOA cars, due to our dealership
being the closest one to Audi headquarters.