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A41.8 - how much?

I am the current owner of a '96 A4q 2.8 5spd and am trading down the product
line to the '97 A41.8t fwd 5spd (I would have purchased the four initially had
it been available).  Have people been paying less than sticker for these in the
past couple months.  I know this is a hard question to answer, so please only
respond if you have specific info about a deal you or someone you know made.
 Specifically, I am looking at a Yellow 1.8t front wheel drive 5 speed with the
sport package, trip computer and moonroof in Southern California.  The info I
got from Kelly Blue Book (www.kbb.com) shows that the dealer invoice for this
car should be $22,399 and the sticker is $25,390.  Any advice is appreciated.


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