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Using Old Cars in Modern Advertising

Brett Dikeman asked:

>We got one of                 
>things in the mail from a local dealer(who shall remain anonymous)
>and it had a very nice picture of a gorgeous black Audi, possibly a very
>recent model 100CS.  But, that's not what caught my eye...there was
>also a very striking black antique car behind it.
>All that was visible of both cars were the noses.  Here's the
>question...could the antique (looked like about 1930ish maybe?) have
>been an Audi?  It would be kinda silly for an Audi dealership to be
>showing some random antique car next to an Audi.

Sure could.  Audis have been around since circa 1909.  Sometime back
in the '80s, Audi's U.S. sales literature pictured '30s models along with
the latest offerings.  It's a popular advertising theme with lots of
marques - implies awareness of heritage, continuing commitment to
quality and so on.   With marques like Audi, Porsche, BMW and
Mercedes it's credible.  But I can recall examples (from the '70s, I think)
with Cadillac and Lincoln that only served to make the current models
look tasteless by comparison. 

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