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Factory alarm problem

 This thing has been going crazy lately, so I am wanting to disconnect 
it. I found the vaccum box located in the right side of the trunk and it 
has a 7 slotted  harness plugged into it. I'm ASSUMING, since there are 
wires occupying slots 1-4 and 6, that the 5th wire is for the alarm, and 
the other 4 are for the locks. Does anyone know if my guess is right? An 
Audi tech told me there would be three wires in addition to the vaccum 
hose in this location, and that I should remove the center one first and 
the others next. Does mine have 5 instead of three because the car's a 
four door and he may have assumed it only had two?

 Dave 89' 80q, BLACK! 123k.