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Brian's Problem

	Brian, sorry to hear about the problem.  Several months ago,
several people on the list advised you to hire a lawyer to deal with this
problem, have you done that yet?  If so, you need to talk to him / her and
let them work through the problem--without your interference. If not, why
the hell not?  At the pace the car problem is now going, you will be in
jail, your car will not be fixed correctly, and the mechanic will get a
pound of your flesh when you are released from the local jail.

	Frankly, given the amount of time that you have allowed to slip
past here, I think you are getting closer and closer to getting fuc*ed
real hard.  If the insurance company has not fixed your car, and you
believe, based on your insurance policy, that the insurance company had a
duty to fix your car--or pay to have your car fixed properly--then you
need to stop arguing with them over the phone and take them to court.
Same goes for the body shop.  If you think you have been wronged, and you
can't work it out [which, if they are pressing charges against you, it
seems to be a good indication that you can't work it out] then stop
messing with them and take them to court.  You *really* REALLY, need to
get some advice from a lawyer in your area--not from an internet list.

	Don't mean to be harsh here, but the quicksand appears to be neck
deep already.  DON'T WAIT ANY LONGER!