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uses of this list

Someone brought up the question of what use is this list with all the
complaining and non-Audi content . . . 

Here's a comparison:

My business partner has an 89 Eldorado - battery went dead. After many, many
calls to AAA, four trips to various "mechanics" and lots of expensive parts
changing (called "guessing"), they finally discovered that the down-limit
switch on the antenna was shot, and the antenna motor kept running
constantly, draining the battery.

To R&R the antenna, you - ready - have to take off the fender!!! GM gives
1.5 hours for this little trick. I don't know what the antenna costs, but
I'm sure that when he finds out, I'll hear about it.

Now here's the key to the value of this list:

The knowledge base for Audi is HERE - dozens of listers have BTDT, and will
tell you how, how much, what to watch for, etc. Knowledge is pooled, all in
one place.

The knowledge base for Eldos is limited - isolated - to each individual
mechanic - and they DON'T talk to each other! You _might_  just get lucky
and get a good one - the odds are against it though.

Example: Clutch master cyl R&R, 5000 series: I was tipped off that the roll
pin can be removed by taking off the RF wheel, stacking extensions with a
punch, and going through the wheel well. It works, and it sure beats taking
apart everything on the back of the engine just so I can swing a hammer at
the roll pin. This tip came to me on the list - (Eric F, I think) - There is
nothing comparable for many other cars! First, Eldo owners are (generally)
not enthusiasts, and second, us enthusiasts SHARE our tips. If we were like
the Eldo owners, we'd spend ten times as much as we do now, and just to get
our cars fixed badly!

I'm convinced. I'm staying on this list as long as I have an Audi.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman