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Specifics on Audi repairs??

Someone mentioned in a recent post that the Bentley manual had specific
guidleines for body work repair.  I would be interested in knowing what those
specifics are.  I was also told to find out about the proper process for
'baking' new paint, specifically it was brought to my attention that Audi's
need to be cooled down after this process and not driven for a 'rather long'
period of time after baking (in regards to electrical/computer components). I
also noted that there was no alignment done to my car as part of the repair.
 This should have been done, right?  There was frame repair done.

Other questions,  should my stereo have been reset after disconecting power?
 Is the body shop responsible for treating a car a certain way during its
stay there?  For example, my car sat outside all winter.  No coolant was
changed during this time, like i usually would, but since the accident
happened in August it wasnt necessary at the time.  My rotors are totally
rusted, even if its just surface rust, it will eat away at my pads.  My
emergency brake is now rusted solid, who carries the responsibilty?  What
kind of ill effects can come about from a car that was improperly left to sit
outside all winter?  Should my inspection sticker have been removed?

Any emails or copies of these specs would be greatly appreciated.

Brian (sorry for all these questions)