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Leaking '93 90 and a (freshly) busted ignition switch

Well, evidently my 1993 90CS has figured out how to follow this list.
With all of the recent talk surrounding the ignition switch recall
for '94-ish Audis, I was just thinking, "Gee, I wonder if this
affects my car?"

So I leave work on Friday night and get into the car. I turn the
ignition switch, the car starts, but the starter doesn't disengage
when I release the key. And the windows, and the A/C, etc. don't
work. Seems like the "return spring" that is supposed to make the
"START" position momentary has given up, and now I must manually
return the key to the "RUN" position. Oh, !@$@#%$#@!@@**

The car has also spung a leak. Nothing vital, just washer fluid.
After several hours of exploratory surgery, this is what I discovered:
the reservior is a massive 6.7 litre platic moulding that takes up
most of the empty space between the inside of the left fender and
outside of the engine compartment wall.

There is a "nose" moulded into the front of the container which helps
support it via a rubber grommet and a bracket. The "nose" is at a
90 deg. angle to the side of the container. I guess with all of the
weight, the "nose" has bent upwards, splitting from the container,
and, voila!, leak.

I'm trying to decide whether I should try to repair it with epoxy
or just replace it. $66 from Clair Parts Express gets me a new one.
It will be a *MAJOR* PITA to get it out, as I have to disassemble
much of the front of the car to get to it. I'll have to do this
whether I repair or replace...

Any comments? Would a epoxy fix work, or would I be doing this
again in four months??