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Breather Hose

"Mark&Michelle Sousa" <mps@netpci.com> asked: 
> Subject: crankcase ventilation
> I noticed that my hose that connects to the lower right side of the engine
> block and the top of the valve cover is collapsed when the engine is
> running. 
> I've never noticed that before, is this normal? The Bentley refers to it as
> the
> crankcase ventilation hose, but doesn't have any info on checking it or at
> least
> none that I have found.
> Mark
> 90 200T

That hose is important for ventilation - and your idle will be off as 
long as it's damaged.  Replace with factory part, but spray the 
replacement hose inside and out with pure silicone to extend its 
service life.  ALSO chck the multi-port hose on the rear end of he 
rocker arm cover - they often get crystallized or mushy at the same 
time as the breather hose, and will give the same problems.

Not expensive...do with engine cod, though!!

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