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Re: Audi Brakes

PATRICK_KELLY@HP-Andover-om3.om.hp.com wrote:
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>      Hi Bob,
>      My name is Patrick Kelly and I've been following your post on the
>      Quattro list regarding your brake drag problem.  Yesterday my 87 5kQ
>      did pretty much the same thing on the drive to work.  I just finished
>      doing the timing belt, water pump job. The only work I did to the
>      hydraulics or brakes was to change the pump belt and top off the
>      hydraulic fluid.  About 30 minutes into my drive on a 75 degree
>      morning the brakes started to drag and the brake pedal was very hard.
>      I didn't try any hard stops and the indicator light never came on.  I
>      let the car cool down till lunch and drove it again and everything was
>      normal. Drove it home and back to work today and everything seemed
>      normal.  I talked with my parts guy who said its the bomb and it
>      should have been replaced anyway since I'm approaching 200k miles.
>      The Bentley manual has a whole pressure checking procedure for the
>      hydraulic system that I'm considering having done but I thought I'd
>      ask you how you made out with your '89 since the symptoms you
>      described are very similar to mine.  Any help is greatly appreciated.
>      TIA,
>      Pat Kelly
>      kpatrick@an.hp.com
   Thanks for the interest.  It sounds like the same problem to me also.
My fixing has been delayed because of work on the other Audi in the
family(85 5kt).  We've also been able to get by without the 89 for now
as we are sharing the minivan. I'm going to put in a used bamb as a
diagnostic aid next week.  There's a 50-50 chance in my mind that will
do it.  It's somewhat hard to understand how the lack of assist can make
the brakes drag, but in my case the bomb is probably bad anyway as the
light blinks when I stab the brakes.  My servo passes the simple return
hose disconnect leak test--does yours?  But maybe heat changes things.
The MC could also be corroded or not releasing, independent of the
  I'll keep you posted.
RC Ringlien
2 Audi's, 1 minivan(one always runs)