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wheels and tire upgrades for A4

Just been through this excercise so suggest you look back about 6 or 7
digests for info.

In fact I ended up staying with my factory 16x7 rims and fitting 225/50 Falken
ZE 502 tires. Very quiet and great ride. Grip seems good but not pushed them
yet. BTW I have the factory sports suspension - 35mm lower than standard.

Main reason for going to 17inch would be cosmetic and sharper handling feel
and more responsive steering.

Downside is harder ride and cost - this is significant as the rubber is quite
a lot more expensive. Also you lose wet and gravel grip the wider you go.
Grip in the dry on 225s is superb anyway - any advantage going wider
would only matter in competition.

The correct tire size would be either 225/45x17 or 245/40x17. 235/40is undersize
and 235/45 slightly oversize. In fact I got the tire dealer to trial fit
235/40s and the wheel well definitely looked underfilled. He couldn't
supply 225/45s so I saved mucho dollero and stayed 16 inch. Haven't regreted

If you do decide to go 17, IMHO the OZ superturisimo look fabulous - BTCC style.
If you are starting with 15s, then going to 17s is an easier decision - do it!

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> Date: Sun, 29 Jun 1997 21:45:48 -0400 (EDT)
> From: Mrsoul55@aol.com
> Subject: wheels and tire upgrades for A4
> Hi everyone.  I just joined this group and actually just bought an Audi A4
> 1.8T.  I am looking to do upgrades to the car but I am going to start with
> upgrading the wheels.  I want to move to 17" wheels and have been considering
> a 5 spoke model by ABT.  I don't know which model name it is.  Does anyone
> have any other suggestions for wheels besides ABT?  I have looked on the Tire
> Rack Pit Stop thing but didn't really see anything I liked.
> Also, what is a good size tire to go with?  235/45 17?  I want to lower the
> car a little bit to get rid of excess space in the wheel well so I need
> something that will fit.  I certainly don't plan on lowering it very much but
> I think it will play a part in the wheel size.
> Thanks for any help.
Greg Spark
Hamilton, New Zealand
'96 A4 1.8Tq 5sp MTM/Remus ~200hp