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1989 Pig-out 505 Turbo questions...


A Peugeot 505 Turbo was one of only a handful of cars that took an off at
the Mt. Washington Hillclimb (pretty serious too -- into the trees, had to
look down off the edge of the road to see it). 
Anyway, it was pretty fast, and I remember these being reasonably competent
SSB (?) racers.
What impressed me the most about this car was the fact that, after they
schlepped it back up onto the road, it was driven down.  By the looks of
the car, I would have expected it to become a donor, and never be driven
Guess those French cars are pretty strong.

BTW, the Corvette that went off didn't fare nearly as well -- landed on its
roof a lot farther down than the Peugeot and needed a crane to get back
out.  Lost about half of its body (torn clear off).  

Bob Davis