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1998 A4 ABS-5 and Quattro IV, can anyone explain the significance

I have ordered a 1998 A4 Quattro and have been interested in getting
details about some of its specifications. I have been unable to find the
details I'm seeking about ABS-5 and Quattro IV. Does anyone know where I
can find real details about these versions of ABS and Quattro? Some
specific questions I've looked for are:

1) When did ABS-5 supersede the previous ABS system on Audis?

2) When did Quattro IV supersede the previous Quattro version on Audis?

3) What is different about ABS-5 compared to the previous version of ABS
on Audis?

4) Does Quattro IV use the Torsen 1 or Torsen 2 design?

Robert Ridder