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RE: Next ur-quattro upgrade

Is the "one-touch" for down only, or will it also do "one-touch" up, as
well? If so, do you know p/n? TIA.
-Ian Duff.
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	Sent:	Monday, 30 June 1997 11:20 AM
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	Subject:	Re: Next ur-quattro upgrade

	>Date: Sun, 29 Jun 1997 17:51:25 GMT
	>From: quk@sievers.com (Phil Payne)
	>Next upgrade - has anyone looked at adding "one touch" window
controls to an

	the 20v ur-q has these controls (drivers window only), so it's
probably easier
	to procure the part (relay i guess).

	'95 rs2
	'90 ur-q