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quattro banners - want one?

More on the Mt Washington event later when I have time and get some
sleep (got in very early this AM!) but a quick feeler about something...

At the race, they had these large banners (3' x 5' maybe?) with 
"Audi", "quattro" and the 4 rings logo, in three colors.
They weren't giving any of these away of course, but here's the deal.
If you would be interested in purchasing one of these, for about $25
or so, please send me a private email.  The price and availability will
depend on the quantity as well as the material used - the signs at
the race were paper, but I could get vinyl instead which might cost
a bit more.

They are very sharp looking and would look awesome hanging in your garage...
I will not make a profit on these, promise.

| Dan |
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