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Re: 1998 A4 ABS-5 and Quattro IV, can anyone explain the significance

> From: Robert Ridder <robert_ridder@credence.com>
> To: Maillist Quattro <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
> Subject: 1998 A4 ABS-5 and Quattro IV, can anyone explain the
> Date: 30. kesäkuuta 1997 17:17
> I have ordered a 1998 A4 Quattro and have been interested in getting
> details about some of its specifications. I have been unable to find the
> details I'm seeking about ABS-5 and Quattro IV. Does anyone know where I
> can find real details about these versions of ABS and Quattro? Some
> specific questions I've looked for are:
> 1) When did ABS-5 supersede the previous ABS system on Audis?
I recall the change happened in 1995 Model year: A4, A6, and A8.

> 2) When did Quattro IV supersede the previous Quattro version on Audis?
I don't recall.
> 3) What is different about ABS-5 compared to the previous version of ABS
> on Audis?
ABS is combined with EBV (electronic brake proportioning valve), which
allows for each of the wheels to be separately controlled as opposed to the
old mechanical brake proportioning valve.  Also the Mk5 Bosch ABS can
include such as EDS (EDL in some markets), and ASR.  The new system can be
diagnosed with the VAG 1551 and VAG 1552 tools.  Much more detail
differences, this is what I recall off the cuff.
> 4) Does Quattro IV use the Torsen 1 or Torsen 2 design?

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> Robert Ridder

Jouko Haapanen
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