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Re: Synthetic vs Organic for airplane engines

At 23:46 -0500 6/29/97, jgraham1@erols.com wrote:
>Paul Nicholson wrote:
>> Just thought I'd mention that synthetic oil has fallen out of favor
>> (favour
>> for the queen's subjects) for aircraft use on small internal
>> combustion
>> engine airplanes. The reason is that it does not have the sustained
>> coating
>> capability of mineral oils.

> Looks like cheep synthetic base stock. Not synthetic oil in general.
>I've seen some synthetic oils that stick so go to metal, that it take
>sand paper
>to get it off. Some one selling snake oil.

It is Mobil synthetic Aircraft oil and it has to meet FAA standards. It's
not cheap stuff either. Aircraft oils have to provide the low viscosity to
lubricate immediatley after starting the engine cold and yet also have to
lubricate at 400F temparatures. Except for Porsche's discontinued Flugmotor
and Teledyne Continental's recent 350HP engine, almost all are air cooled.

Perhaps if you use the real gooey stuff it won't lubricate when cold.