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Re: Next ur-quattro upgrade

> I'm looking for someone who's BTDT.  The 20V ur-quattro solution is driver's 
> door only, and uses a complex controller that's also used for the powered 
> sunroof.  This is overkill, since ur-quattros prior to the 20V (except yours, 
> Roger) have tilt-only sunroofs.
> There must be a simpler controller available.
... I don't have the 20V urQ wiring diagram, but I am familiar with the 
later model 5ks, 200s and v8qs ... there is a single line that goes from 
the door controller to the sunroof circuit, but the sole purpose is to 
provide power.  The auto up/down window controller is connected to the 
ignition switch and front door switches, and will supply power for the 
windows and sunroof while the ignition is on, and after the ignition is 
turned off until one of the front doors is open.  Yes, I know that the 
urQ only has front doors ...

San Jose, CA (USA)