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Re: QTC tie rod

In a message dated 97-06-30 12:49:37 EDT, ptimmerm@mashtun.JPL.NASA.GOV

<<   The older
 tie rod ends for the UrQ are larger and much harder to find.
 I have been told the channel is depleted of them.  Comments?
 Anyone do the pn thing? >>

Why yes,  actually I found these last week at The Parts Connection (formerly
IPC).   You are correct on the style change also,  the cut-off is somewhere
around 6/83. this would make sense that the production for the '84 4000s' was
in progress.  The 
serial # for the newer style is 85-D-900582 and up for the 83 model year.  I
understand the same serial # applies when the rear control arms and other
associated parts are needed.   The part cost less than half of dealer list
but was not Original Audi, however it was made in Germany and looked to be
very high quality.  It's in the car and my self adjusting rear geometry has
been stopped.

Happy Motoring,