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Thank You - Audi-Mt. Washington Hillclimb 1997

Thanks to all the Competitors, Crews, Sponsors, the folks at Mt.
Washington especially Paul Giblin and Howie Wemyss and the NER SCCA who
put this fantastic Motorsport event on each year.

Without the enthusiastic help of Paul Giblin the NorthEast Region
Quattro Club USA (NEQ) would not of been able to present our Corral of
over 50 Audi / Quattros for viewing on Saturday and Sunday. Our
dedicated group of Audi / Quattro owners where tremendously impressed
with the coordination or volunteer workers that the NER SCCA does at
this event and next year not only will we be volunteering as workers for
Sunday but also for Friday and Saturday as well.

The NEQ Corral would not of been succesfull without the many Audi /
Quattros owners who came to Mt. Washington, this past weekend. We had
cars from Michigan, Maryland, Penns., NY, Ontario and all of New
England. My sincere thanks to all of these folks for their dedication
and joy in owning an Audi / Quattro and bringing their cars to the NEQ

There is a continueing journey, an Audi Fest, that is driving RIGHT NOW
to the Pikes Peak Hillclimb on July 4th weekend and from what I have
heard there should be atleast and hopefully more Audi / Quattros at Pike
Peak to cheer Frank Sprongl and all the other Audi / Quattros that are
brave and swift enough to dare a Hillclimb.

NEXT YEAR the NEQ Corral will be back better and larger than this year.

Many of the folks that I met at the Corral have volunteered to help and
I am looking forward to working on our plan and Team for next year with

For their time and dedication I must thank; Paul Royal (fantastic job as
our Registrar), Wendy Weintraub (great job on those T-shirts and
understanding), Thompson Smith (OUTSTANDING artwork and design of our
Ts) and all of the Board of Directors of the NEQ and it's members (over
700 in the NEQ Region and growing).
Remember, the best way to make this, and other Motorsport events
succesfull is by volunteering to work. So when you see us posting the
names etc. of the coordinators for NER SCCA, FLR SCCA, etc. SCCA,  or
other Motorsport Club for volunteer workers please volunteer and be a
Good Club Neighbor.

Thank you.

Bob Weintraub
NEQ Corral 1997