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Sympathy, please

I've just faxed the ur-quattro wiring diagram for the one-touch electric window 
controls to Dave Easton, at his request.
Like so many other bits of ur-quattro documentation - it really makes you 
wonder.  I was appalled when I first looked at the Bentley wiring diagrams - 
but now I'm amazed at how much Bentley have achieved.
One of the switches is labelled "E40".  It doesn't appear in the explanation.  
There is, however, an "E10" in the explanation that doesn't appear in the 
diagram.  Can this be a typo - "E40" should be "E10"?  No - "E10" is described 
as a "switch for a Red Cross light" and covers wiring track 24, which isn't in 
the diagram.  "E10" in the diagram should be "E40" - and the appropriate 
description (and not the one for E10) should appear in the explanation.

The explanation has nothing to do with the diagram.  The switch is "E40", 
unchanged since 1980.  But, of course, they've screwed up because they have 
asymmetry for the first time - although the description for E107 says it's in 
the "passenger" door, it's not made clear that E40 is in the driver's door - 
the documentation says "left" and "right".  LHD vs. RHD?  The same is true of 
the wiring for the light switch - the driver's door (and _NOT_ the left door, 
per the diagram) also works the radio/lights warning buzzer.

Of course, there's a remaining question.  "E10" doesn't appear _anywhere_ else 
in the ur-quattro explanations - the possibility remains that it really _IS_ a 
"Red Cross light switch".
An ur-quattro _AMBULANCE_ variant?

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club