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RE: Did Audi ever make a non turbo 200 2WD ?

Ian wrote:

	>Watch out for Atlantic induced marketing anomolies. >The "200
by def is
	>turbo" is correct in the USofA, but maybe not RoW. >From other
	>on this thread, it seems there were turbo 100s and >non-turbo
200s in
	>Yurrup, and most prolly in GB.

	>Let's include geography in these wierd ones, 'cause >Audi pulls
its own
	>weird ones on us if we're not careful.

I'm sure there was a 100 turbo in Europe. I've also always thought that
the only engine used in 200 was a turbocharged gasoline one, but some
time ago I looked at the Knecht oil filters catalog and it shows not
only non-turbo 200, but also turbodiesel one. Weird...