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Torque settings

In message <33B849DD.5354@iol.ie> George Harrison writes:

> Would you be so kind as to look up any torque wrench settings you think
> I might need for the job I'm about to take on?

> I'm going to replace the sub-frame bushes on both the front and rear of
> the ur-q.

The microfiche is a bit touchy about the subframe mounting bolts.

a) It stresses _ALWAYS_ renew the bolts.  Part # is N 903 276 02 for
   a pack of four.

b) Tightening is 35Nm plus 90 degrees.

c) Order is:

   Front subframe: Left rear
                   Right rear
                   left front
                   right front

   Rear subframe:  Right rear
                   left rear
                   right front
                   left front

The only other significant torque is the eight wishbone bolts.  The
self-locking nuts must be renewed and torqued to 60Nm with the vehicle's
weight on its wheels.  Part number for the nuts is N 011 185 6 for a
pack of four - you'll need two packs.  _DON'T_ be tempted to re-use the
old nuts "with a dab of Loktite".  This is an actively moving joint
subject to a lot of vibration.  They cost peanuts, and losing one at
speed could be disastrous.

Are you going to try and leave the rear differential in place, or
will you drop it off with the subframe (probably the only practical

Prop shaft to differentials is 55Nm, the weird 12-points securing the
half-shafts to the differentials are 10Nm + 90 degrees.  It doesn't say
anything about replacing either, although the former are self-locking.

The prop shaft centre mounting is 20Nm.  The microfiche states that the
prop shaft should be re-aligned after the subframes are disturbed - this
involves screwing a large plastic jig to the underside of the prop shaft
and undoing the centre mounting.  The gap between the centre mounting
and the underside of the body is then measured and a prescribed spacer

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