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Next ur-quattro upgrade

In message <199706302013.NAA00568@sled> steveb@falcon.kla-tencor.com (Steven Buchholz) writes:

> ... I don't have the 20V urQ wiring diagram, but I am familiar with the 
> later model 5ks, 200s and v8qs ... there is a single line that goes from 
> the door controller to the sunroof circuit, but the sole purpose is to 
> provide power.  The auto up/down window controller is connected to the 
> ignition switch and front door switches, and will supply power for the 
> windows and sunroof while the ignition is on, and after the ignition is 
> turned off until one of the front doors is open.  Yes, I know that the 
> urQ only has front doors ...

According to the wiring diagram, the "sunroof/electric windows" controller in 
the ur-quattro is only sensitive to the front _left_ door.  I assume this is 
actually different for RHD cars?
The pins I see on the ur-quattro diagram:
  1/15     Black/blue to the X line
  2/30     Red/black via 20A thermal cut-out to +ve
  4/61     Blue to voltage regulator (and pin 15 of ABS controller).
  5/TK1    Brown/white to door switch
  8/87     Red/blue power to window switches for switch operation
  11/87a   Brown/white chassis return to window switch for normal operation
  12/86    White/yellow to motor
  13/85    Black/red to motor
  14/31    Chassis ground
  15/87b   Yellow/brown chassis return to window switch for normal operation
Now - we need to attach four wires to control the other window.  Two of these 
would be a white and a black/green to the other motor, and two would be the 
chassis returns for normal operation of the other motor.  I'm loath to consider 
putting in two controllers if this thing is actually prepared for operating two 
windows. If, as you say, only a power connection goes off to the sunroof, then 
there are enough pins left to drive another window. 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club