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Re: Pros and cons of v8 Quattro (200 vs V8)

I have had my black 90 V8 for 4 months now and have no complaints.
I bought it with 2 mangled valves and some cylinder head damage due to an
busted timing belt and picked up a pretty complete used motor for $
	Yes, parts are more expensive but if you shop around you can make
out OK.  This car is costly if you bring it to a mechanic or dealer and
pay high prices for parts.  My friends who help with my car are Audi
mechanics so I don't have to deal with clueless people working on the car.
They are a godsend and I will never have an arguement with them.

	The car has been reliable and I love driving it everywhere.  The
black is a difficult to keep clean, I have to wash it every week, but if
you have ever seen a black V8 then you know how cool it looks. Car
performs well in stop and go traffic with high outside temps and the AC
	Yes, V8Q, there is no substitute.

Rich Romero