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QCUSA @ Blackhawk - Report

Well, while some were having fun watching cars "do the climb", QC put on
another driving school at Blackhawk Farms Raceway in Rockton IL.  A couple of
listers made it, the weather was hot and humid, and the cars rather fast.
 Here is my usual format report.

Track:  7 turn, 1.8 mile track, no elevation changes, very tight and narrow
course. 1 long sweeping back straight, 1/4 mile front straight.  3-6 a
complicated series of turns 180 sweep to kink to 90 right to kink to 90 left
to sweeping 90 left. 
Weather:  90's and humid, both days. Really fast (race) time: 1:20, FAST time
= 1:30.  Some got low 1:30's, no one broke it.
Students:  36
Instructors: 11

Sean - 83 TQC @ sub 4krpm only
Matt Pfeffer - 87 5ktq
Dave Weiss - "the 5spd v8"
Scott Doherty - 87 5ktq

Chris Delati (Anderson Bros) - 4ktq that looked like it rolled out of the
factory with the turbo - WOW!
Brad Claudfelter - 97 M3 4DR - very fast
Craig Jones et. al. - 4ktq - "the lava machine"
5 various tweeked A4tq's
1 IROC Z (?)
2 928's - 1 S4 with 18in wheels
2 S6 seedans
1 S6 wagon
1 A6 auto q wagon
1 Passat
4 90 quattro 4DR
1 A8
1/2 Anderson (Susan with 90 4DR)

Saturday, left Chicago with the 87 seedan at 5:30am got to the track around
7:30.  Some of us late instructors were supposed to arrive Fri nite to set up
the track didn't make it for a plethora of reasons...  So, a real hustle to
get the exercises setup SAT morning.  A newly invented Battery activated Lane
Toss exercise made it's debut at this event, was a success, and allows the
lights to be placed anywhere on the track without the need for 110.  So, Lane
Toss, Braking, Cornering, and Slalom.

Lots of 'newbies' at this event, some concerns on instructors faces as
afternoon approached.  A couple of shuffles of students, and things went
without incident for the whole weekend.  Yours truly, as Chief Instructor,
most pleased by this record.  Turn 3 (long 180 to a carousel) proved to be a
challenge to most, but those that nailed turn 3, 3A and 4-5, found the
biggest improvement in speed at the track.  The M3 4 door with S2 tires
proved to be very quick, and with modded brakes, just unreal entry speeds.  

Dave Wiess (Dr. Thermo), did a great job of setting up his v8 5spd with some
trick suspension parts, and the car handled magnificently, esp with the big
brake upgrade.    Dave gave me a session in it on Sunday morning, what a
ride!  It really cooks at 7-8/10ths.  Only the M3 and the Lava Machine gave
us a run for the money in the instructor group.  Unfortunately, the car was
really too big for the track, hence bogged some under 3500rpm, which messed
up 5,6 and 1 for speed.  Driving the car 10/10ths would have required some
serious rowing of the stick, and prolly have cost my host his brakes,
bearings and clutch.  So, I kept to the 7/10ths routine, but this car earned
the respect of even the M3, with it's speed and abilities.  Nicely tweeked,
 Dave, you get an "A" on your homework execution...  Now about that

Also got to drive a stock S6 sedan of one of the newbies (David Mendelson),
and he and I were really impressed by the stock handling.  Took his "trailing
spouse" for a 6/10ths ride (didn't go thru the school), and she had a
unbelieving look in her eye, as well as some white knuckles from the
experience.  Think they both will be back for more of these though.

Was offered a ride in a 93 Passat 4 DR that has a Bilstein suspension and
T-body mod, and was impressed with the handling of the car, even with the
stock GA tires on it.  Very predictable.  And a hint, anyone with a Passat,
GET the upper stressbar, what a difference that makes.  Drove Matt Pfeffer's
tweeked 5ktq on some hot laps as well.  The car flies around the track, the
modded suspension firmly planting it's GA tires to the tarmac with little
fuss, and very little scrub, all on 15X7 205/60 setup.  

Brad Claudfelter's M3 was the wild ride of the day (only Susan of Anderson
Fame showed, Keith is at PP).  He was one of my first students 4 years ago,
and he has done very well.  A couple of spins from really pushing, but
"perfect off's" with only grass and dirt to pay...  Times were right at 1:33

So, all in all a very safe event, considering the newbie count, lots of
smiles, and lots of run time available Sun.  Dave W, gets the "award" for
taking the v8 1/2 off track twice at turn 6, both times, foot to the floor,
right back on.  A lucky man.  Second time he actually gained on the A4 he was
chasing.  I shake my head in disbelief, and Hail Mary's for Dave's luck.
 Sean, do post up on what solves your post 4krpm malady.  Like the machine.  

Dave, Matt, Mark, and David:  Thanks for the drives, all very competent cars.
 Dave W., thanks for the hospitality and the 'wheel', you have a fine
machine, my friend, mods well done!  Maybe we'll pass on the green "Grays"
(local microbrew) next time, eh gentleman?

Great fun.  

End of Report.

Scott Justusson
Chicago, IL