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Re: Next ur-quattro upgrade

i thought that the reason that the ur-quattro didn't have a sliding sunroof was
that the "roll hoop" which traverses the roof just behind the driver prevents
the rearward movement of the sunroof?

come to think of it, i haven't actually checked that this is there in my 20v,
it was in my old wr.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

>In message <5607500901071997/A83679/CSAV10/11B70A720600*@MHS.minedu.govt.nz>
Dave Eaton writes:
>> the 20v never had the powered sunroof to my knowledge.
>> certainly the three that made it down under didn't.
>If you check the wiring diagram I faxed you, you'll find J139 described on
>56/2 as "Steuergeraet fuer Fensterheber und Schiebedach" - control unit for 
>electric windows and sunroof.  The main diagram is only entitled "Electric 
>Windows" and doesn't show any sunroof connections.  Interesting.  The parts 
>fiche lists the control unit as fitted from 85-L-000-001 onwards, and 
>describes it as "Control unit for electric windows and sliding sunroof". It 
>_doesn't_ show any motorised parts in the exploded diagrams for the sunroof, 
>but I know of at least one 20V that has one.  I also know of a 1984 WR with a 
>motorised _and_sliding_ sunroof fitted by a dealer, and I hope to be able to 
>photograph it later this year - the owner plans to replace the headliner 
>sometime in Sept/Oct.
>As I pointed out last night, the labelling of many of the circuit diagrams 
>leaves a lot to be desired.
>I will investigate further.