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Wanted: 14x6" Wheels for 92 80


Recently purchased a 92 80 (5 speed, NG, white, cloth, 65K miles) for my wife.

I don't like the 14x5.5" steel wheels with plastic hubcaps and the 175/70-14 tires.  Looking at the Bentley, I see that the 14x6 allow wheels fit with the same offset and bolt diameter, and allow 195/60-14 tires (see http://www.tummy.com/jafo/audi/ for visuals of these wheels).

Anybody got an extra set?  How much?

Please respond to me at my Richard.E.Rutledge@wdc.com address?

I'm in Southern California, I assume UPS shipping within the US is reasonable and shipment from outside the US is unreasonable.