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doggone yesterday was the day before canada day and my wife and i were off
to visit friends for supper in kelowna. we made it through the radar traps
ok but in the city, as i slowed for traffic WHAMMO**#@@@% we were rear ended
by a hyundai excel. the driver didn't even touch the brakes. we were both in
ok so i got out to survey the damage. the winner was obviously the audi but
i'm not laughing yet. the hyundai front end had lost about two feet of
length. the engine was against the firewall and the dash was pushed out. the
front bumper, fenders, grille ,lights and hood were all a mess. the five
young people in it were basically ok although one girl was having a panic
attack and another suffered a cut leg. about that time i realized that my
lower back was really sore and my wife had a sore neck. i checked the audi a
bit closer. the poor rear bumper was scratched in three places and had two
small penetrating holes. when the hyundai collapsed it went under my car and
broke all of the exhaust rubber mounts so that the exhaust dragged on the
ground. i supported it with some coathanger wire and it was driveable. it
really rattles at some speeds but i think that it's just not supported
right. what really bothers me is that when i drove home in the dark my
headlight beams don't point the way they should. it's as though the left
rear of the car is now too high and the right headlight beam hits the road
several feet ahead of the left which now points more to the right than it
used too. i also have a noticeable CLUNK from the rear when changing gears.
the left rear side of the bumper is about 1/2 inch higher than the right
side. it was the left that received the major blow. i have to have it
inspected this week. any suggestions? can the hit to the exhaust damage the
turbo and its piping etc? this car has been wonderful and i don't want
future problems at my expense when insurance should cover everything now.
86 5kcdtq (on injured list)