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Got to let the Coupe go (sob)

I'm giving away my '84 coupe GT.  It's not really a matter of choice.  It
has been sitting at my parent's for several months, and my mother's
ultimatum to get it out is getting louder and louder.

Here's the catch.  The car has some front end damage from an unfortunate
accident I had a year ago.  I want whoever picks it up to take it up as a
project car, rather than just a junker.  I haven't had the heart to sell it
because I know whoever buys it will most likely trash it, call me
sentimental (i.e. stupid) but I actually care about the car too much to let
that happen.  Therefore I want whoever picks it up to agree (in writing) he
will not sell the car within the next 2 years and will actually put work
into it.

The pros are the following:  It's free (!), it has new engine mounts, new
subframe mounts, "only" 91K miles, a newly rebuilt starter, a newish
battery, a new driver side power window, and recently repaired A.C., new
passenger side rear drum brake, new passenger side c.v. joint, and less
than 10K miles on the current timing belt and water pump.  The engine and
transmission are in great shape.  I've always used a bosch filter and
Castrol 20W50 oil.  I've always used bosch 3 prong plugs.  It has a new set
of plug wires, distributor cap and rotor.  It also has new (cheap) bosch

The minuses are the following:  It was in a wreck.  The damage is all
cosmetic and the subframes are o.k.  It needs a new passenger side fender,
hood, and preferably a new grille (though the existing one is in tolerably
good shape).  The interior is so so, the front seats need to be re-covered
and the front dash is cracked.

I figure replacing the body panels and painting (the car is gunmetal gray)
should cost around $500 if you find the panels at a junkyard and undertake
the work yourself.  Probably around $1200 if you have a shop do it.

What do I want.  I would like to see the car restored to its former glory,
and a chance to drive it after that.  Therefore I would like someone in
Texas to take it...Eric Fluhr are you still out there?  I'll give you first
dibs if you're interested.

I am dead serious when I say I don't want someone taking it to spin a quick
buck.  I will draw up a contract stating what I just wrote as the
consideration to be received for transferring the title.  I will transfer
title for free, but I want to see the car fixed and I want a chance to
drive it once in a while, if just for nostalgia's sake (this car took me
through college and law school).  I would do it myself if I had the time
and the space.  I don't.

So what do you guys say.  Anyone in Texas (or thereabouts) want to take up
a coupe GT project.

Email me personally if you're interested.