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Re: AC clutch/pulley help.


If the A/C compressor Pulley bearing has gone south and partially seized
this would explain the belt squeeling/burning etc. The other possibility
would be the compressors internal crank/pistons blew up (grenaded) (belt
squeeling/burning with the A/C clutch engaged)

Is the front face (outer portion) of the compressor clutch plate stuck or
welded to the pully clutch face? If it is not stuck or welded to the pulley
and if the outer face of the A/C clutch still rotates freely by hand (A/C
magnetic clutch turned off) then the internal guts of the compressor "could"
be ok. If the pulley bearing is causing the clunk  when you spin the pulley
with the belt removed then the bearing can be replaced.  The front face of
the compressor clutch can be pulled off and then the  pulley pressed/pulled
off and finally the pulley bearing can be pushed out. The bearing number can
be read off the original pulley bearing and any bearing supply house should
have a replacement. Normally you need a couple of special screw in pullers
to get the front clutch face off and another one to get the big pulley off.
You can sometimes improvise. Don't have my Bentley manual with me to see if
it outlines this repair. Some of the older York compressors used a simple
coarse threaded bolt that you screw into the front clutch face to pop it off.

If the A/C compressor internal guts grenaded then you may have metal
fragments/gray crud inside the whole A/C system. This is very bad! No duh!
You may need the whole system taken apart and flushed, it can be very
difficult to get this fine metal slurry out of the system if the compressor
ran for awhile as it blew up. If you are not sucessful getting the metal
fragments out you will be replacing compressors and other parts on a regular
basis. Been there, Seen That BTST.

At 09:42 PM 7/1/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Anybody ever change the AC clutch on the compressor. I'm in dire need of
>some instrux as the temp is hitting 109 tomorrow and going up from
>The pulley knocks when you turn it back and forth (no belt attached).
>The AC was working fine when all of a sudden the belt started squealing
>and burning until it broke. (I was at a stoplight - no place to go). I
>checked the AC unit the next day and everthing still turned by hand, but
>the knock was there. Any ideas??????????

Hope that helps
Scott M.
89 200TQ