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Re: MOMO shift knob installation

On Wed, 2 Jul 1997, Browning David (TVCS) wrote:

> Would somebody give me details on how Momo shift knobs are installed.  Do 
> they screw on like the factory knob or do I need to modify anything?  I have 
> an '86 4000.  Do I have to replace the shift boot as well, or is it 
> compatible?

  I installed the Anatomic (short) in my S4, and it was pretty easy.  I
didn't have to replace with the shift boot.

  Aftering unscrewing the factory knob, you slide a metal collar on to the
shaft.  You then fit a plastic cap over the shaft, and stick the shift
knob on.  Next, you screw in these three teeny, tiny screws into the
knob to hold it in place.  This was kind of a pain, as the metal collar,
which is resting on the top of the shift boot, got it the way.  Lastly,
you screw the collar on to the bottom of the knob.

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