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20v'er motronic mapping q's

Greetings again...

Late 1990 90 20v'er questions.

1. Is the Motronic data mapping an "adaptive circuitry"..?
2. Can I unhook the battery and have the ECU re-learn a new map
with the additional air the K&N cone filter produces?
3. If so, say wide open throttle for all gears for a few miles?
4. If not, how well and what chip has the best Lambda data map and 
timing data map? (TAP, BBR, etc...)
5. Is the chip gain worth it? (Ivor advertises 16hp)
6. Any luck with Stebco (sp?) stainless exhausts from CN?
7. Any luck with cleaning the ISV out to help the idle, or go with a new

I think that after many miles with a stock K&N replacement then
switching to the cone swap that there is a 6-8hp gain up top. Plus you
can reeealy hear the motor run hard now. I like it.