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Re: Pros and cons of v8 Quattro (200 vs V8)

This thread got me to wonderin' as I have always loved the V8 but can't seem
to think of it as "sporty" cuz of the auto trans most have. My deal on the
'91 200q fell apart (long story, condition too shabby for the price and they
wouldn't budge anywhere near enough for me) so my search progresses. Here in
the SF CA Bay Area there is a nice sounding 1 owner V8 for 12.9k (asking
price) with 99k miles. I gave it a passing thought but still really lust for
that I5 20v turbo q. I am curious if any V8 owners out there have driven
both? (Not the 10v 200/5000...) Can you give me an unbiased comparison? Do
you find that your "spirited driving" is still fun with the autobox V8? No
doubt they are beautiful cars and they sound like a great deal these
days...for example, KBB.com says retail book for that '90 is over 17k yet
they fetch far less. Sounds like lotsa quattro bang for the buck. Should I
take a more serious look that way instead of the good ol' I5 turbo q's I love
so much? I don't want to be saying in a year's time..."gee, I coulda had a
V8"! ;-) So, V8 owners fill me in...they sound like great cars, what is there
to look out for besides the usual quattro stuff and the trans.? TIA


Mike Veglia