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Re: side marker lamps

>I have an '86 5000 CST and an '89 200q that I'd like to add amber side 
>marker lamps to (20 valve look on a budget!).   Anyone BTDT?  I also 
>would like to upgrade the dash on my '89 so that the panel around the 
>climate control  and the ashtray  have the "wood" look.  Anyone have 
>these available?

The sidemarker lights can be purchased from any number of places but also
from the local salvage yard since they came on all the early '80s 4ks ...
buck-a-piece around here.

As for the wood, my '89 200q HAS "wood" trim around the climate control
faceplate and on the ashtray ... am I to understand from your query that
they all don't?

>How much heavier is the "Q" vs. the turbo?  The '86 beats the pants off 
>of the 200q off the line (even at speed it seems much faster).  With the 
>A/C on, the "Q" is a real dog.

Most 200qs came with a K24 turbo, which is supposed to improve spool up and
low-end torque ... sounds to me like something's wrong with your car
somewhere.  My 200q will definitely pull my '85 Ur-Q off the line...

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