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Re: Questions


You probably have Mobil 1 in your tranny. This lube in VW/AUDI and some
other gearboxes cause the classic 2nd gear grind. Replace the lube with
Redline MTL or the OEM organic. This should fix it. The grinding is caused
by the syncros slightly out of adjustment. The reason it is worse on hot
days is because the lube is operating at full viscosity (mostly because of
the contaminants in the gearbox).

> 1)  I sometimes (not always) get a grinding sound when downshifting into
> gear.  This is somewhat annoying since this is the gear best suited to
> zipping out of corners.  It usually doesn't grind if I am especially
> do FULLY depress the clutch, but it still can happen.  Is this minor or
> could it be the synchro?  

no ideas on this one, have the warranty check it out. 
> 2)  Weird phenomenon that seems to only happen on really hot days (and
> then not consistently):  on start-up my climate control, lights, windows
> roof will sometimes have no power.  This is usually remedied by stopping
> restarting, but it just seems bizzarre.  Any ideas?

If this is what I think, it sound more like a sputtering sound. It
generally lasts about 3 second. My car has always done it. I believe it is
the diaphragms in climate control filling up.
> 3) Weirdest phenomenon:  Almost always, there is a velcro-like ripping
> that comes from the passenger side footwell after startup.  I believe
> to be the general area where all the AC piping and stuff is hidden, so it
> kinda sounds like a quick de-thawing sound that lasts a maybe 2 seconds. 
> this a serious problem?  

Have the A/C checked thoroughly, check for leaks in the compressor, and
These cars are especially prone to corrosion in these areas. Additionally,
see if you can get them to cover the timing belt under the 60,000 mile
general service. Their was a TSB on the V8 timing belt interval, their may
be one on the 20 Valve motors.

>> I've also got about three weeks left on my dealer warranty, so any
> as to how I should address these 'problems' would be appreciated!
> Matt
> 99.9% Perfect 1991 CQ With Bosal Exhaust