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V8 On Track @Blackhawk

Good time had by all!  Lots of cool cars and good folks.  There was even
an Elan.  :-o  Enjoyed some tech talk w/ Scott J. and others, and
improving driving skills.

Brad's M3 sedan provided some excitement.  He even spun it while giving
me a ride.  Right back on after checking traffic, back in control. 
Gives new meaning to "aggressive".

Hoppen's (Audi factory) brakes were _good_, although finally Sun.
afternoon they started to fade a bit.  Most of the time, started braking
on the main straight at/after the last marker.  By comparison, the M3
carried a couple mph more at the end of the straight, and braked at the
same point.  Wonder what the Pagid blues would do (besides eat rotors)? 
Jurids now F and R, and very little wear, esp. for Blackhawk.

Suspension was much better than I expected, laid into the turns nicely. 
Some corner-exit understeer, esp. in turns 1 and 6 (can't really fault
the car for that).  Still thinking about softening it, though.

The Other Brother (Susan) Anderson brought along a Schroth, and Chris
DeLadi helped install it.  A big improvement!  Worrying about keeping
your butt on the track is generally preferable to worrying about keeping
it from sliding off the Barcalounger.

Complaints were few.  V8 ran a bit warm, and lack of torque at 3K.  Time
for a chip?  And of course the Servotronic steering forced smoothness in
the slalom-- felt like almost no assist!

Appreciated all the compliments on "the" V8 5-spd.  I would also
appreciate any suggestions on further improvements (esp. engine).  The
B4B on Abt's 300 hp upgrade (about $8K in parts) is just too low...

Thanks to Event Master Doherty, Chief Instructor Justusson, and the rest
of the crew for a job well done.

Dave Weiss
'91 V8 5-spd with pretty good brakes
'93 90 CS UnQ out of AoA warranty as of 7/1/97