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Re: ACCIDENT, body shop, legal? HELP!

Paul, you just cured my homesickness! I really don't miss that, how is it called?
-Highway rage? 
Anyway, I think you may have trouble collecting anything from this 'Lady'.
- Note generosity of label- :)

In most states whenever the traffic side door is opened and hit it is default 
the openers fault but it's a good idea to talk to a lawyer anyway. The comment
from the fellow lister pressing charges against you could also come to light.
If you can get it fixed for under $500, consider it a cheap lesson.

- Douglas

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Hi Folks,

1. I may be looking for a body shop on the Northshore of Massachusetts or
Southern, NH.  Any recommendations?
2. The damage to my 90 90Q20v is isolated to the driver's door.....here's
what happened:

Coming home on I-95 last night I "flashed to pass" a Ford Taurus.  The
driver did not yield, so I passed on the right.  The story should have
ended there.  About 7-10 miles later I change lanes (3) 1 at a time,
signaling for each.  Suddenly I find myself being tailgated (less than 3
feet behind) by the Taurus...I downshift and she locks 'em up.  The Taurus
comes back after me (driver practicing showing me her middle digit in
progress) and I decide to stop near the end of the off ramp and have a
talk.  I get out of my car and this $%&#$% nearly runs me over and just
hits my open door, bending it back like a newly sprained thumb.  She backs
up, I scream at her to pull over and she finally does about a mile up the
road.  I insist that the police are called and a report is filed.  She
tells the longest string of lies I've ever heard, shows no remorse, and I'm
starting to feel really, really bad for this @#%@#$^'s husband.
No citations are given, but I'm thinking of putting her in for an academy
award.  I inform her that I did not "slam on my brakes" because if I had
she would be now sitting in the back seat of my car (just ask Bob "Watch
out!!!!! Moose!!!" Davis) as I have just installed high performance brakes.

3. What I did was stupid...I could have been maced, run over, or shot...I
stopped this getting out of the car practice quite awhile ago.  Perhaps the
fact that I had just left a family member in grave condition in the
hospital had something to do with this "out of character" move...so spare
me the lecture (I know it was stupid).
4. The damage will probably not exceed my $500 deductable (or maybe it

5. What's the best way (how would you proceed) to attempt to collect for
damages.   Do I call her insurance company?  Small claims court?  Threats
and intimidation?  Offer to have someone break her jaw?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks In Advance,

     Paul "Havin' A Great Day" Royal

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