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Re: Next ur-quattro upgrade

In message <172689@sievers.com> quk@sievers.com (Phil Payne) writes:

I didn't see a response to this, but I lost a couple of emails a day or two 
ago (thanks to Demon Internet).  Does anyone know if this controller is the 
same one used in cars that have _both_ front windows wired for one-touch, and 
how the wiring relates?

> According to the wiring diagram, the "sunroof/electric windows" controller in 
> the ur-quattro is only sensitive to the front _left_ door.  I assume this is 
> actually different for RHD cars?
> The pins I see on the ur-quattro diagram:
>   1/15     Black/blue to the X line
>   2/30     Red/black via 20A thermal cut-out to +ve
>   3
>   4/61     Blue to voltage regulator (and pin 15 of ABS controller).
>   5/TK1    Brown/white to door switch
>   6
>   7
>   8/87     Red/blue power to window switches for switch operation
>   9
>   10
>   11/87a   Brown/white chassis return to window switch for normal operation
>   12/86    White/yellow to motor
>   13/85    Black/red to motor
>   14/31    Chassis ground
>   15/87b   Yellow/brown chassis return to window switch for normal operation
> Now - we need to attach four wires to control the other window.  Two of these 
> would be a white and a black/green to the other motor, and two would be the 
> chassis returns for normal operation of the other motor.  I'm loath to consider 
> putting in two controllers if this thing is actually prepared for operating two 
> windows. If, as you say, only a power connection goes off to the sunroof, then 
> there are enough pins left to drive another window. 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club