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RE: Cannot Rev past 4000 rmp !?!

Robert wrote:

	>I think I have a problem folks.  While driving to Michigan
today I noticed that the '87 5kTQ >was not building as much boost as
normal.  After paying closer attention it seems that the >car will not
rev past 4000 rpm.  Boost is maxed at 1.0bar (on the crapolla dash
guage) where >the normal reading will get to 1.7bar.  Any ideas what to
look for?  I feels like the car >just looses all guts above 4000, below
that things are relatively normal.

Seems like your turbo-to-intercooler or intercooler-to-throttle body
hose is cracked. I had exactly the same problem. Your gauge does not
show above 1.0 ( atmospheric pressure ), because all the boost escapes
into atmosphere. The hoses are $50-100 form the dealer. Wrapping with
self amalgamating tape can be a temporary fix.