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My "new" 1991 90

Just picked up a 1991 Audi 90 for my wife yesterday with 81k. Very nice.
A few quick questions. 
Using experience from my '86 5kcst as a reference I noticed a few 
1. When you turn on the a/c the engine fan automatically turns on to 
high. My 5k doesn't until warm. Is this normal?
2. No am radio reception. I noticed a post about a rear and front antenna 
recently. Does the 90 have the same set up?
3. Sport mode of 4 speed automatic. Does it just delay shift points and 
what mileage difference between running in and out of sport mode?
4. Rear "fog lamps" don't come on when switch is pushed. Does 
transmission need to be in reverse before this works?
5. Anyone have an owners manual for it? If not I'll order from dealer.
 Really enjoy the car. Not the power of my 5kcst with 5 speed but a real 
nice riding car. Nice Mica Blue with gray leather.
Rod Michaelson
Walnut Creek, CA
'86 5kcst 160k
'91 90 81k
'92 Mistubishi Galant 92k
'96 Chevy C1500 Pickup 34K