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Re: '93 90csq rear speaker replacement

Those are in fact my symptoms -- if you've got a simple solution, that'd be

I guess I'm just assuming they're blown based on their not working and
reading the archives.


At 10:37 PM 7/2/97 -0400, Elliott Potter wrote:
>>Hi -- I've got the blown rear speakers in my '93 90csq and am looking for
>>options.  The FAQ had some info but wasn't completely clear about my
>>options.  My questions:
>Some questions first:
>Are the speakers actually blown?  It's pretty hard to kill these 
>speakers unless you have hearing difficulties.  Why do you think 
>they're blown?  (That's a serious question) Have you looked at them?
>The reason I ask is that there are some things that these speakers do
>that seem to suggest that they're blown, but they actually aren't.
>These symptoms include:
>   -"puff" of static when the system is turned on
>   -sporadic operation, speakers cut in and out, esp. if you hit bumps
>   -engine-speed dependant whine that may come from one or both sides
>If these are your symptoms, e-mail me back as I had this problem in my
>93 90CS and solved it, with a cost of only ~$2.50 for a TORX wrench.
>This was after 3 head units and 2 rear speaker set replacements. (under

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