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re: V8 vs A8 vs 200

>as for the sport/economy switch, if your car has the newer tranny firmware
>you can pretty much leave it in "E" as it's much smarter.

Anyone know whether this is an eprom uprade, or does the whole box need

>the v8 is too heavy up front and feels it too, but it is superb on fast


>  the v8 is a smoother and sweeter engine than the 5.. it sounds great
>when revved up to

Also agreed, but nosure about...
>whereas the 5 starts to sound strained and buzzy.

>v8 oil leaks on hot exhaust?  first time i've heard of it.
C'mon  Eliot youve been on this list for yonks, dont you read the mail
relating to v8's?

> maybe i'll start my group of happy v8 owners with cars that have been
>exceedingly >good to them.  who wants to join?

I'd love to. I really would but in the 20 months I've owned the car I've
Rear cv
window regulator
stupid heated door lock, why this was fitted to a car to be delivered in
Australia is beyond me
Suspension bushes but still eats front tyres (probably my driving but still
they cost $400 each over here)
& I still need to fix the leaking rack, engine oil leaks transmission oil
leaks, suspect it needs an o2 sensor ,could use a set of shocks.

Dont get me wrong, I love my v8, but if I had to rely on (and pay for) the
local Audi support, I'd be an ex v8 owner. Its only because of the list
that I have been able to keep the running costs of this car down to a
reasonable level. BTW I bought the car with full history, one previous
owner (female)  always serviced by Audi dealership(same one that sold the
car) with 70,000km on the clock, thats only  43,000 miles, not what I'd
call a high mileage car.

>best thing any owner can do for a non-UFO V8:  get some 17 inch wheels.
Dont those 276mm discs look tiny inside those big wheels?


John Firkins