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RE: more on v8 vs. 200

Eliot wrote:

	>a huge amount of effort was put into the design to reduce
noise.  even the
	>oil cooler was mounted on rubber pads.  additional
soundproofing added in
	>several areas.. (can't remember exactly where now)

In 5K oil cooler is also moutned on rubber pads.

	>there's a japanese like attention to the tiniest details in
this car that
	>is absent in the 200.  e.g. lighting was much improved, even
with crappy
	>US DOT headlights.

No much improvement over Euro lights for 200

	>materials used for the interior trim is a noticeably
	>higher grade than those used in the 200.  there's a rear
sunshade, there

My 5KCS has a factory rear sunshade.