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5KCSTQ improves at Waterford


	I ran the annual Corvette Club Autocross at Waterford today in 
the 5KCSTQ.   I ran a best of 89.805 which is more than 2 seconds better 
than last year.   I guess the EFi was making alot more power, and the 
wheels/tires worked very well.    Even though they were used up D40M2s, 
they balanced the car better than anything I've ever driven on a 
5KCSTQ.   The fact that I have wider tires on the front helped to 
balance the car veyr well.   It wouldn't understeer at all, and was in 
fact very neutral and predictable.    There was an A4 Quattro there, 
driven by an Audi of America engineer, but it had street tires, and was 
not being driven very aggressively at all.

	Probably the best comment I heard all morning was when Al Chan 
(some of you autocrossers may have run across Al) said that the last time 
he saw an Audi hustled around like that was with Walter Rhorl.  :-)

Graydon D. Stuckey 
'86 Audi 5000 CS Quattro
89.805 @ Waterford Hills  :-)