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V8 and tight corners

       I am currently running on H&Rs and Konis
 with the front Konis at  "2" and rear Konis at  "3",
shod with Dunlops D40s 225/50/16. I've played
tag with Russ' 5K who has Spax at all 4 corners
and the V8 pretty much acquitted itself.
       OTOH, the V8 lost almost 150 lbs upfront
with the brake upgrade (non-UFO) plus the
lighter aftermarket wheels.
       I only wish there is something I could do
to make the steering heavier. There is too much
power assist at 20-40 mph which makes the
front twitchy especially above 4K rpms.

Thor	Staten Island, NY
'90 V8q (always looking for a long straight away)
'88 Mazda MX6 (a.k.a slalom carver)
'94 Merc C280 (Bilstein Sports on order)