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A6 1.8 SE

Blagged a A6 1.8SE today. 
Must be something about all new cars nowadays, but the engines rev up 
really slowly, then rev down really slowly when you take your foot off 
the gas peddle. Something to do with rather large fly wheels, cat 
converts and fuel economy I suppose?
Quite nice under the bonnet though, lots of room to work on things (thats 
because it needs a bigger engine ;-) The aircon was quite nice to have on 
the first *non* rain day since time began.
I was also supprised to note that it was a 20V motor as well, considering 
how flat is was.
The built in radio made me ask the question of "what do you do if you 
want to fit a proper stereo?", the gap left by the OEM radio is not a 
normal size.
All in all, not a car I would buy, but Ive just spotted that the garage 
has a A4 Quattro on demo (2.8ltr?). Now I wonder if I can blag a go in 
that, or if I start at the A8 Quattro, and work my way down the line, I 
might end up getting a spin in the A3 1.8T ;-)


Michael Burton
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