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91 200 tqw stalling fixed

Well folks, first off thanks for all the advice from everyone who 
personally responded. My heroes!
So it was two hoses. One that runs from the Intake mainifold to the 
little round black thang on the pressure side of the Turbo, and the other 
one from the intake manifold about 4 inches to a three way connector.
Those little hose clamps on the intake manifold side require removal of 
the Idle Stabilizer and Rubber shock mount clamp, but other than that...
I re-routed the hose along side the fender rather than over the heat 
which cooked it to begin with.
I have more power now than when I bought the car 12K miles ago.
I would have preferred using some kind of teflon or silicon hose, but 
had a decent length of Audi OEM material from installing European 
headlamps on my V8 (Vacumn height adjustment motors).

Thanks again for all the help.
BTW, will be installing Euro headlamps with electrical height adjusters 
here shortly, and will also install additional relays like I did in my 
V8. It requires nuking that change keeper and changing the bracket in the
center console to accomodate the height control and front fog light 

PAul Rivera
90 V8
91 200 TQW
97A4 (too long a story)