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Re: 4kcsq butt STILL dragging, now roof rack?

In a message dated 97-07-06 03:12:22 EDT, you write:

<< 't want a cheap surfshop generic rack.  Neither do I want a 
 cheap aftermarket generic suspension upgrade.  It's like uncle ben's, 
 only the best will do . . .

I am extremely happy with the Boge Progas/Turbo gas combination with Eibach
springs.  Sport corning all the time, but not a punishing ride.  Lowered
about 1 inch up front, and raised .5 inches in back (versus stock
saggers....)  Car looks great, and drives like it should have from the
factory.  Low cost ( about 550$, if my mind suits me correctly.) and pretty
high build quality (in the Eibachs, especially) make this my suspension of
choice (have ridden in H&R/Koni cars, and my GTi has Tokico Illuminas)  My 2
Carter J
86 4000CSQ
86 Coupe GT (not for long!)
86 4000CSQ (coming soon!)
86 GTI