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Re: Bumper Black


No experience with Griot's black stuff, (used many of their other great
product lines though).  

However, I have had extremely good luck with a product called Forever Black.
 It comes with a cleaning fliuid to remove any greases and silicones.  Then
it is applied like black liquid shoe polish.  It took three coats to re-black
my "gray" rear bumper on my 4Kq, and two years later still looks like new.  I
can't seem to locate their phone #, but their address is MBa, PO Box 6603,
Moraga, CA  94570.  When I called them they gave me the nearest distributor
to my address which was a Volvo dealership in Tacoma WA.   I have seen it in
a few of the big parts houses, too.
Good luck.

Bruce Johnson
85 4Ksq
Olympia  WA